A Review of Blue Rock State Park in Ohio

Camping, Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding and More

Blue Rock State Park offers a few hundred acres of woods and water for public use. The adjoining Blue Rock State Forest offers thousands more to find that perfect piece of peaceful relaxation that we all need in this hectic modern life.

Blue Rock State Park is home to Cutler Lake, a small man made impoundment. Cutler Lake offers a beach area for swimming, boating (electric motors only), and fishing. The lake is pretty shallow but contains great structure for fishing. Cattails and other plant life on the edges of the lake provide a great place to bass fish, as well as plentiful opportunities for bluegill, carp and catfish. Fishing weedless artificial lures and topwater baits can be especially productive in the shallows near the cattails and other shaded areas. As with all lakes, the small streams that flow into Cutler Lake are productive spots that should be fished. While Cutler Lake is pretty small it is narrow and provides a lot of shoreline for bank fisherman. The beach area provides a concession stand, restrooms, showers, and changing rooms.

The campground at Blue Rock State Park offers about 100 sites. During my visit there was not that many people camping. I can’t imagine that the large campground would be filled up too often, but making reservations is always a good idea. Some areas of the campground have a small stream running through it adding a nice touch (and perhaps a little background noise).

Blue Rock State Park offers some short hiking trails in the park. The adjacent Blue Rock State Forest offers miles of horseback riding trails. Blue Rock State Forest is a great place to hike for those who don’t need trails. Hunting is allowed in Blue Rock State Forest, so be aware of the hunting seasons and dress appropriately if hiking during hunting season. Even better, just go hunting.

There are numerous areas at Blue Rock State Park for picnicking. Large shelters are also available at Blue Rock for larger groups to picnic or hold reunions or other functions. There are picnic facilities near the beach on Cutler Lake. A separate area of the park offers another picnic location near an old fire tower. Regardless of the availability of picnic tables and other facilitates there are many nice areas to just throw a blanket down and set up your picnic.

Blue Rock State Park also offers a variety of nature programs and other activities, especially during the summer months.


Fishing Knots For The Beginner

As a novice fisherman (or woman) you need to learn how to tie fishing knots correctly.  Learning the knots is just as important as learning to how to fish.  There are several knots that are used when attaching you’re a lure or hook to your line as well as your reel.

It’s best to learn the basic knots and practice them several times before moving on to more complicated knots.  Make sure you know how each type of knot works before using them on your fishing line, otherwise you risk losing your lures if they are not tied correctly.


Here are some various fishing knots for you to try for starters.  Once you are proficient in tying these knots you can feel more confident in your fishing expeditions.

1.    Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is an excellent knot for fly fishing and it’s a good choice because it’s relatively easy to learn and it works well.
First, you’ll overlap the two lines about an inch and a half over each other with the ends facing the opposite direction of each other.  The lines should be of the same size.  Take one of those ends and twist and wrap it around the other line about 12 times and then take the end of the twisted line and push it back through the original opening.

Next, take the other loose ended line and twist that around the opposite line 12 times and also push that end through the original opening.
Finally, trim the ends and moisten the line and pull it tight.  The lines will be completely secure and you have no risk of them coming loose.

2.    Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot is another very efficient knot to use and it is basic enough and easy to learn so it’s perfect for beginners.

This knot is ideal when joining lines to hooks, or to lures or swivels or to snaps for carp fishing (karp hengel), bass fishing, saltwater fishing and fly-fishing.  To tie this not correctly you will first run your line through the lure.  Then run it a second time back through the same hole.  Next you will twist the line so the loose end wraps around the main line about 6 times.  Take the loose end and push it back through the original opening and pull it tight using a quick jerking motion.

A word of caution on this one.  When you are jerking the line tight to secure the knot, be sure your hand doesn’t slip on the line and come in contact with the hook or lure.  It’s very easy to do that and also very painful.

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Successful Strategies And Tips For Carp Fishing

In order to be successful on your next carp fishing trip, you should have a plan of action ready to go before you actually leave. The reason that you want to have a plan of action is to assess the weaknesses and strengths that you have in regard to carp fishing today. If you are able to resolve the mistakes that you have made in the past, your fishing trip will be much more successful than it was the last time that you went.

A planned trip is always going to be much more rewarding when you go fishing for carp. Understanding what type of bait will work best is one way that you can improve your odds of catching one. Carp are omnivores, and therefore you can try a variety of different types of bait to see which one works best.

When carp are found in nature, they are very used to eating insects that land on the water, or even worms, although they will readily eat bread and corn. By using the right bait and with the information and carp fishing tips that you can gather from the local tackle shop in the area you can be much more successful.


If you go during the summertime, you’re going to have the best possible chance of catching carp simply because they are more active during the warmer months. In most cases, they will be attracted to any type of bait that you throw out on the water.

Wading into high grassy areas that have been flooded over is another way that you can find carp very easily because they like to hide in the grass; it provides them with some form of protection because of the vegetation that surrounds them.

As long as you are able to get a main line that will work well with the carp, and other essential fishing tackle, you should be able to catch one. Fluorocarbon is your best bet because of how it disappears in the water, so always consider that as a possibility for your main line.

Catching carp is also much easier to do when using hooklink material. By using coated braid type rigs, instead of fluorocarbon, you can increase your odds of landing a carp, especially if you are a beginner.

In regard to newbies that are doing this for their first time, using feed, especially close to the hook bait, you should use PVA bags when ground baiting your first time around. A combination of great weather, excellent fishing gear, and the right frame of mind will more than likely allow you to catch carp very easily on your next fishing trip.

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Carp Bait Strategies – Tips You Need To Consider

Fishing for carp requires you to consider a number of variables including the time of year that you are going to fish, and the strategies that you will use to be successful on this trip. Deciding to go in the summer, or the winter, will prompt you to create different strategies in order to be successful at catching carp this year.

If you really want to be successful at carp fishing, you need to have a certain technique that works almost every time. The rig that you use, and the tactics that you implement, will be very different depending upon if you are fishing during the summer or winter.

Most anglers understand that carp are much easier to catch during the summertime, specifically between June and September. Since they are most active during the summer months when it is warm, they will require much more food than usual, making the bait that you provide very appetizing. Using earthworms, sweet corn, bread or other types of bait to catch carp can lead to a successful fishing venture.


The boilies that anglers use today are very popular with carp, a type of bait that makes most fishermen very successful. Dropping your line, specifically in the margins, when using bread is one of the oldest tricks in the book. When done right around dusk, as the sun is slowly setting, you can sometimes very easily catch your limit of carp.

One of the primary reasons that boilies works so well is because of the high protein content contained within this type of bait. Fishermen are well aware of how much easier it is to catch large carp as a result of using this bait on a regular basis. Although traditional types of bait will still work, boilies have a significant advantage over the bait that is traditionally used.

Anglers that prefer to cast long distances, between 100 and 150 yards, need to use boilies because it will stay intact throughout the cast. Many other types of bait will simply fall away. The advantage to using boilies also extends to the fact that carp are absolutely ravenous when this type of bait is used.

One other reason that boilies are so popular with carp is because of the different flavours that they are made of. This is very important to know, especially if fish in a certain lake are accustomed to a certain flavour. It is in your best interest to experiment with different flavours of boilies until you find the one that they like the best.

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Witbank Dam

Witbank Dam, built in 1971, has the main purpose of supplying municipal and industrial water, but has grown into a fisherman’s paradise over the years. Its main water supply comes rom the Olifants River and it has a fairly sandy bottom.
The Witbank Dam is situated in Witbank and has a capacity of around 104 million cubic of water and has total surface of 1,211.2 hectares.
Next to the dam there is the Witbank Holiday Resort that caters for the whole family as well as the angler. It has a couple of chalets as well as camping and caravanning facilities, swimming pools, parks, mini golf and braai facilities. Fish here mostly get caught during the night. Please visit my source for more fishing info on this dam.





Fishing is beyond a trade; it is not just a means of livelihood for professionals; it is a way of life, a means of expressing one’s love for nature. Fishing’s got soul, that connection between the line, the hook, bait, fish, and fisherman; fishing is just great.

But finding the right bait to express this love can be a little tricky – especially with the hundreds of companies running adverts on baits here and there. So, why spend a fortune on baits that may not be ‘appealing’ or effective for fishing when I can spend just a few dollars and get incredible results?

The home-made boilies are just perfect for result-oriented fishing. Finding the right ingredient, mixing them well, and cooking to perfection brings out an irresistible aroma no fish can reject. I first got to understand this when I found that fishes can perceive smell – even deep inside the water. So, the right blend of dry dog food, crushed pineapple, soy flour, eggs, oil, and water would do the magic.

Mixing all these in a blender and boiling for a few minutesImage is as simple as ABC; air drying them for just two hours gives these fish food a hard feel capable of staying on the hook for a considerable length of time without dissolving. It is simple, straightforward, and a very affordable way of getting those fishes to your hook.

Carp bait method of finding fishes is even simpler than most people ever thought. A lot of us have been made to believe that fishing baits must be synthetic or bought from a store; that is not one hundred percent true. Simple homegrown sweetcorn is an unbelievably irresistible means of setting your hook to make that catch.

The texture, the taste, and the color of the corn all combine to make a fantastic bait. Carp fishing bait doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated in making; all one needs is just a little ingenuity. Another wonderful bait is the tiger nuts. These produce such a strong aroma that the fishes cannot resist. One single nut can attract a school of fish to your hook; so make sure you line is strong enough to pull out once it starts shaking.

If these options above doesn’t suit you, try some other methods. You can try something popular and very, very effective – hemp. Yes, hemp! Just as they get humans ‘high’ and hungry, they also have the tendency of producing very strong aromas that fishes love. Remember that there are a lot of leaves and shrubs in the river or lake; therefore, the fishes are used to seeing these things. But with the distinctive smell of hemp, it can produce amazing results in minutes. A handful of hemp in the lake, pond, or river would send them ‘gaga’ and very hungry; so any bait you set on the hook would surely bring in the ‘goods.’

If you have a passion for fishing as a hobby, or even professionally, these methods above can be really worth your while – especially because you don’t need to spend much to make them. So, get off the couch and go-a-fishing!

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