Carp Bait Strategies – Tips You Need to Consider

Fishing for carp requires you to consider a number of variables including the time of year that you are going to fish, and the strategies that you will use to be successful on this trip. Deciding to go in the summer, or the winter, will prompt you to create different strategies in order to be successful at catching carp this year.

If you really want to be successful at carp fishing, you need to have a certain technique that works almost every time. The rig that you use, and the tactics that you implement, will be very different depending upon if you are fishing during the summer or winter.

Most anglers understand that carp are much easier to catch during the summertime, specifically between June and September. Since they are most active during the summer months when it is warm, they will require much more food than usual, making the bait that you provide very appetizing. Using earthworms, sweet corn, bread or other types of bait to catch carp can lead to a successful fishing venture.


The boilies that anglers use today are very popular with carp, a type of bait that makes most fishermen very successful. Dropping your line, specifically in the margins, when using bread is one of the oldest tricks in the book. When done right around dusk, as the sun is slowly setting, you can sometimes very easily catch your limit of carp.

One of the primary reasons that boilies works so well is because of the high protein content contained within this type of bait. Fishermen are well aware of how much easier it is to catch large carp as a result of using this bait on a regular basis. Although traditional types of bait will still work, boilies have a significant advantage over the bait that is traditionally used.

Anglers that prefer to cast long distances, between 100 and 150 yards, need to use boilies because it will stay intact throughout the cast. Many other types of bait will simply fall away. The advantage to using boilies also extends to the fact that carp are absolutely ravenous when this type of bait is used.

One other reason that boilies are so popular with carp is because of the different flavours that they are made of. This is very important to know, especially if fish in a certain lake are accustomed to a certain flavour. It is in your best interest to experiment with different flavours of boilies until you find the one that they like the best.

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